Each one is unique! 

Our ties are hand sewn from high quality all-natural burlap. Each one is wrapped in Vintage, New Old-Stock ribbon, most commonly called Petersham or Grosgrain. Then, like a dash of hot sauce on an oyster, we finish each tie with a button embellishment. Many of our buttons are one of a kind. They add personality, texture and a pop of the unexpected to each Original Charleston Oyster Tie. 

The handcrafted quality is evident in the construction of our ties. Quirks, slight abnormalities in the vintage materials and natural weave of the burlap, only add to the observed individuality of the tie, and its owner.

Origins of the Tie

The Charleston Oyster Tie was created as the perfect accessory for today's modern, yet rustic gentleman. 
In the South Carolina Lowcountry, much of our social season is dominated by an array of outdoor events. 
Vibrant blooming garden parties in the Spring and Summer along with traditional oyster roast in the Fall and Winter, the Charleston Oyster tie
is versatile enough to dress up, or keep casual. 

The Tie pairs perfect with blue jeans and an oxford, while also complimenting a summer suit or blazer! Be the one who stands out with this natural woven burlap tie and you're sure to be the envy of all!

Why Burlap? 

Burlap is a woven fabric made from the fibers of the Jute and/or Sisal plant. For generations, burlap sacks, sometimes called "Crocus Bags" have been the traditional packaging method for oyster harvesters in the Lowcountry. Their ability to withstand the weight, moisture and sharp edges of the oyster shells made them essential to both transportation and storage. 

In addition to these uses, the oyster sack is also commonly used to roast oysters. The oysters are placed on top of a thick steel plate that is secured over a hot fire. The burlap oyster sacks are drenched in water and laid over the oysters, creating a steam barrier that helps to roast the perfect juicy oyster! 
Oysters are synonymous with the Lowcountry, so what better material to represent the culture, environment and style of Charleston than with a burlap bow tie!